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Fire Unit

Training Scenario 12

  • A car has failed to take the bend where Quebec Rd meets River Ave.
  • It hit a telegraph pole and has burst into flames. The driver and passenger are unhurt.
  • The telegraph pole is on fire and the fire has sparead into the adjacent bushland.
  • The police and fire brigade have been called on 000 and are on their way.
  • The Fullers Bridge CFU members have received an SMS message from the Fire Brigade and are activated for service.
  • By way of SMS & telphone tree notification system, the CFU has met at the fixed unit and are first on the scene.
  • An Easterly is blowing embers towards the houses on Quebec Rd and River Ave.
  • A power pole is nearly burnt through and it is feared the wires may go onto the foot path.
  • A small crowd of local residents have gathered along the road and are getting in the way.

What do we do?

  • A plan needs to be quickly formulated and roles defined before anything is done.

Additional complications

  • One CFU member arrives in ordinary clothes and joggers and it is felt he is under the influence of alcohol.
  • The CFU team sets off with the mobile unit to the fire.
  • One CFU is effected by heat exhaustion and collapses at the mobile pump.
  • When this happens another member runs to his assistance, trips and a broken leg is suspected

Aim: Ensure the SAFETY of the CFU members and the public. Protect nearby houses and get the fire under control until the Fire Brigade arrives.

In groups of about 5, secure the area and fill a garbage bin (fire) within the shortest period from opening the fire cabinet.

Team leader will record time, practice until time is OK.

Items to be covered:

  • Obligations & Responsibilities of CFU members
  • Personal Safety
  • Fire Behavior
  • Property Protection
  • Use of equipment
    • Standpipe, hoses and branch
    • Davy pump and associated equipment
    • Head wear, gloves and appropriate clothing & footwear
Scenario 12 map