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Xmas 2008

See all the action in the photo album.

The FrogHollow Christmas Party started around 4 pm on Sunday December 7th, with residents assembling under clearing skies.

President Pam Gilbert ran a brief but informative AGM, which was distinctly lacking in volunteers to take over presidential reins, so Pam was re-elected by acclamation.

Dave Sharpe then took over the loud hailer to call up the kids (and the big kids) for the regular sporting events – sack races, three-legged races, wheelbarrows and horses, and of course the traditional and very competitive tug-o-wars.

We had a couple of new attractions this year. Emma's face painting was very popular with the kids, with popular designs including Christmas trees, flowers, cats and dogs (and dog kennels), glitter-bellied sharks, and a husky! Marnie organised a piņata which had a line of kids swinging the club enthusiastically. Luckily the piņata was the only thing smashed open!

Santa made his regular appearance, this year riding a Ford ute with a cream sofa-throne, and distributed the ever popular lolly bags.

A highlight of the afternoon was the annual raffle, with an unprecedented range of valuable prizes (including a $400 slot car set from Hobbyco) resulting in strong ticket sales. We would like to gratefully thank the following donors for their generous prize contributions:

As usual, we were collecting gifts for Barnardos Children's Charity and had a good boot-full to pass on to the families less fortunate than ourselves. Thanks to all who donated.

Thanks to all our volunteer committee members and other helpers who organised and ran such a successful event. You know who you are. We know who you are. Santa knows who you are and hopefully moved you that little bit closer to the "nice" side of his list this year!

Lost Property

If you own any of these items, please contact the webmaster to arrange return.


Halloween came to Froghollow on Friday night as ghosts, ghouls, demons, black cats, witches, zombies, stormtroopers, and, err, drag queens took to the normally friendly streets.

Great work by the 40 or so very scary creatures who were on the prowl, and thanks to those parents who were accompanying or who did such great work on the costumes. See who was the scariest in the photo albums.

Treats must have been the order of the night, since we haven't heard of any tricks being performed on unsuspecting households, though judging by some of those bulging lolly bags, the trick may have been getting out of bed the next morning.

Trick or Treating was followed by a scary movie marathon - thanks very much to Michael and Team Lobelia for putting it on. This was a great success and is now planned to be a regular event through the summer. Stay tuned to the website for more info.

FrogHollow Olympics

Frogolympic Sunday 17/08/08 proved another lucky day, with clear blue skies and light winds.

Congratulations first up must go to those who marched in the opening parade. With horns blowing and drums banging loudly, the parade was lead by special guests, Shirley in the sedan chair and our very own Chairman Torbin Mao walking alongside. The Lobelians in particular put in a great effort, all turned out in red and with a big banner. A challenge to the other streets for our next event. A big cheer for the team that did such an impressive job on the sedan chair. We have already had calls from the London 2012 team asking if you could manage a double-decker bus!

The opening ceremony was dazzling, with Shirley lighting the traditional cauldron, followed by a moving speech from President Pam. This was followed by the presentation of gold medals to Warwick Bateman, John Kay and Bert King for long and outstanding service to the Community Fire Unit. The ceremony closed with an original composition, written and performed by Madi and crew.

The games ran with a new level of precision and organisation, thanks to Dave and Marnie. There were strong performances in all events including the chopstick and jaffa race, the cycling, the sack races, and of course the closely fought tug-of-war. Medals were presented to all winners by the Chairman.

The CFU were on hand, ever alert for any barbecue- or cauldron-related incidents. They also put on a display and gave everyone a chance to throw a bit of river water around. Thanks also to the NSW Fire Brigade who turned up to supervise.

In the final tally, there can only be one winner and in a closely fought competition, River Ave took away the overall day. I guess the gold ribbons should have been a clue!

Thanks to all who came along and participated, organised, marched, sung, made or hung banners, built the sedan chair, shopped, strung medals, risked life and limb with the torch, manned the barbie and bar, took photos, and helped make the FrogHollow Olympicnic such a successful day!

Big thanks as well to Quintessential for helping us out, as usual, with the vital liquid supplies. We always appreciate their support.

Did you know?

Did you know that from 1900 to 1920, Tug of War was an official Olympic event?

Xmas 2008
Xmas 2008
Xmas 2008
Xmas 2008
Xmas 2008
FrogHalloween 2008
Olympicnic 2008
Olympicnic 2008
Olympicnic 2008

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