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Fire Unit

If you're interested in joining, register your interest with Graham Lowry - 9419-3619.

See the Hydrants Map showing the hyrdrants in our area.

The Fullers Bridge Community Fire Unit (CFU) has members to staff our two posts:

  • Mobile Hose Post No 26 (MHP26)
    • 120 River Ave
  • Mobile Hose Post No 41 (MHP41)
    • At the intersection of River ave and Lobelia st

Training takes place generally every 5th Sunday morning (schedule below). The point of this five-week rotation is to avoid always conflicting with people that use a four-week rotation or roster.

For any information, contact our team leaders:

Proposed 2017 CFU MHP26 & MHP41 Training Schedule

DateStartVenueExtra Info
Sun Morning 12/Feb/20179:00 am MHP26 Fixed unit completed
Sun Morning 26/Mar/20179:00 am MHP41 Fire Trailer .
Sun Morning 7/May/20179:00 am MHP26 Fixed unit .
Sun Morning 25/Jun/20179:00 am MHP41 Fire Trailer .
Sun Morning 6/Aug/20179:00 am MHP16 Fixed unit .
Sun Morning 17/Sep/20179:00 am MHP41 Fire Trailer .
Sun Morning 5/Nov/20179:00 am MHP26 Fire Trailer .
Sun Morning 10/Dec/20179:00 am MHP41 Fixed unit .

Previous Training

Some previous training and scenarios are on the Past Training details page.


The NSWFB have provided a web portal for CFU members. The portal provides useful information and details of each member's training status. For your login details, please contact Graham or Cameron.

Reference Documents

Fire Safety Links

Recent Event — Bush Fire

On Tuesday 1 February 2011 there was a bushfire in the area between the Crematorium, the river and Quebec Rd, which was well attended and controlled by various fire units, including our own CFU. It was followed up late in the evening (after 10pm) by some quite spectacular back burning which continued for a few hours in perfectly still air.

Check out these photos of bush fire and back burning in Frog Hollow. Photos by Matthew Beardsley

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Sunday, 7 May 2017
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Fire - 6 Feb 2009
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CFU training, July 2008
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