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This is an OLD (pre 2012) home page of FrogHollow website - Still interesting. (NB: there may be out of date info or broken links)

OLD Home pages with Not so Recent events:

OLD (up to Dec 2011) home page of FrogHollow website - Still interesting.

CRIMINALS AROUND !!! — House and Car break ins

There was a HOUSE BREAK IN On Friday 25th March 2011 and it appears someone went rummaging through a car in a driveway in River Ave.

Please REPORT any break-in to the police, no matter how minor the offence (eg small change taken from your car). Call the Police Assistance line on 131 444 to make report. It will take about 10 minutes. Reporting any criminal activities will help increase the patrols in our area.

Flyer about break ins: CRIMINALS BEWARE

Recent Event - Our 2011 Xmas Party — Was held outide the Harvey's Garage on 4pm Sunday 11 Dec 2011 (postponed from 4 Dec due to wet weather). Highlights were Santas quick visit and a very entertaining egg throwing contest on the road near the Mulhall Park

Recent Event (Saturday: 17 September 11) — RUGBY - Play a game then Watch a game.

After a game of Touch Rugby at Wirong Flats there was a big screen viewing of AUSTRALIA vs IRELAND. We watched the game sitting on chairs on Dave Sharpes driveway with a big screen (sheet) and several PCs, speakers , cables and related technology to make it all happen. Thanks to all those that helped set it up and take it down.

It was a fun evening watching a great game with friends and food (pizza) under a star-filled spring evening sky.

Flyer about Rugby: PLAY, WATCH or BOTH

Recent Event (Friday 25 March 11) — Movie under the Stars

On Friday 25th March 2011 we had our first FROG HOLLOW MOVIE UNDER THE STARS.

Whilst the turnout was small and the weather a bit unkind, we still had around a dozen kids and a handful of adults enjoy watching the movie Karate Kid and manage to stay dry under the large umbrellas outside the cafe.

Riverside Cafe promoted the event on their website: Riverside Cafe

Recent Event — Bush Fire

On Tuesday 1 February 2011 there was a bushfire in the area between the Crematorium, the river and Quebec Rd, which was well attended and controlled by various fire units, including our own CFU. It was followed up late in the evening (after 10pm) by some quite spectacular back burning which continued for a few hours in perfectly still air.

Check out these photos of bush fire and back burning in Frog Hollow. Photos by Matthew Beardsley

The Lane Cove National Park and friends had a succesful Frog Hollow planting day and Sausage sizzle with more than 40 people.

If you are interested in more info contact Tony on 0407-194-664

Apologies — Current Website and email problems mean updates have been delayed. Also some elements of the website are not current so please check dates on things. (eg recent Crematorium changes have not been updated here) Sorry, we will get to it. If you have specific needs contact a committee member directly. (In Feb 2011 - Email Simon Lelli for now)

Not so Recent 2009-2010 Updates:

National Parks & Frog Hollow Community Planting Day - 20 June 2010

June 2010 Bushcare and Soccer

We had another winning combo for family and friends. A National Parks Bushcare session followed by a World Cup inspired Soccer event on Sunday 20th June 2010 followed by a BBQ and Soccer games.

Fairyland Bushcare event and grant at the Friends of Lane Cove National Park website.

Recycling partner - Planet Green

In June 2010 during the Ryde Council Waste Collection we had (for the first time) the support of a local, highly advanced E-Waste recycling company PLANET GREEN (

Planet Green specialise in keeping TVs and Computers out of landfill and will extract all they can. They will be supporting our community by doing a FREE BULK COLLECTION from outside Simon's house (5 Lobelia St). Either drop your TV and computer bits there or just on your kerbside and we will try and get around and gather it together on Sunday sometime. Remember this is only for COMPUTER, CRT and TV items.

Looking for more recycling and waste info? Click here

Crematorium Update (old)

On 19 May 2009, a full council meeting considered the DA for the Crematorium Condolence Centre and the residents objections. The council unanimously supported the DA.

Some conditions were imposed to reduce noise impacting local residents. See the noticeboard for more info.

The final approved plans were significantly changed as a result of our efforts, with reduced visual impact, noise and fire risk.

Thanks to all the residents who wrote letters, attended meetings, delivered flyers and otherwise participated in our community's response to this application. In particular, thanks to Nick Giles and Pam Gilbert who lead and coordinated our efforts.

National Parks & Frog Hollow Community Planting Day - 22 March 2009

Thanks to all the residents who came out in force armed with their gardening gloves and tools to the community planting day hosted by National Parks. It was a fantastic morning and we planted over 250 native plants on the embankment at the end of River Avenue. It was perfect timing as March is the best time of year for planting when the soil is still warm, the days are not too hot and the chances of rain are greater.

So, if you are walking that way over the couple of months you might like to take a look and perhaps even do a wee bit of weeding or watering as you pass by!

A big thank you to the National Parks team who did a great job planning the day and providing all the native plants. Not only did they give everyone many bush care tips and ideas, they also put on a sensational BBQ, with salad too….so Frog Hollow team, we have a lot to live up to at our next event!

Finally thanks to Tony and Glynis who distributed the leaflets to all the residents.

We think this will be a regular event, so watch this space for a tree planting day with National Parks later in the year.

Hollow Happenings

Some recent news and activities around Frog Hollow will be of interest to residents.

For anyone who missed the excitement, there was a fire just across the river from Frog Hollow on Friday 6 Feb 2009. Luckily for us, the wind was blowing away from Frog Hollow. Thanks to the local CFU members who turned out to keep an eye on matters.

Also, Sydney Buses published a brochure detailing some changes to bus routes and timetables. Luckily, this does not affect our local 256 route, despite it being left off the map.

Delhi Road Footpath

The committee has been corresponding with Ryde Council about providing a footpath from River Avenue up to the new train station.

Local Business Directory

Check out the new entries in the directory of local businesses and services on the FrogHollow site. Email if you would like to be listed.

Keep an eye on the Noticeboard for updates on neighbourhood news such as the Delhi Road bus stops, and link to these other helpful sites.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact the webmaster. Remember that this is your website. If you have favourite photos of the area or from an event, or you are a resident with your own web site you would like us to link to, then let us know.


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