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Frog Hollow and Lane Cove National Park.

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  • Sydney Buses provide buses to our area and general infomation is available here:
  • - Bus 256 comes down River Ave as far as Fairyland Ave. (NB Only some services each day, not all runs)
  • - Buses 545/550 stop on Delhi Road at the end of River Ave next to the bridge.

The Lane Cove National Park and friends.


Frog Hollow falls within the City of Ryde:

Pets: Ryde Council has a range of information on Domestic and Native animals on the Ryde web site:

We receive these local papers:

We often donate gifts and funds to Barnardos Children's Charity

The Epping to Chatswood Rail Link project ran from 2002-2009. This wikipedia link provides a lot of historical and current information.

From the early 1900's to the 1970's, part of the local area was home to the Fairyland Pleasure Grounds . Also the Ryde Library collection includes a number of historical photos of the Pleasure Grounds and a number of events that took place there. [However the Ryde Library web site with these materials seems to be broken at the moment, so the links have been removed.]

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