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Bus Shelter

After a lot of work and many delays, the "Nick Giles Memorial Bus Shelter" was completed by Ryde Council's contractors in November 2007. We hope that all the residents have appreciated the shelter.

Thanks to Nick for all his work on this project.

Previous updates are included below for historical record.

The bus shelters were discussed by the council in June 2006. As expected, the other two shelters (see below) were deemed more worthy than ours, however:

  • The planning regulations have changed which would now allow a bus shelter with advertising (Adshel) to be located on Delhi Road next to the National Park, and
  • A bus shelter has become 'redundant' in West Ryde and is one looking for a home

As a result, after due process, we should be allocated a shelter. All this has to be confirmed in writing and thereafter some kind of planning application lodged for them to review and approve, and the shelter will then need to be installed. It is likely to take until the end of the year but perhaps we will have something for the summar rains.

Previous discussions with the council in March 2006 were as follows:

  • Our submission was timely as they are considering a number of requests.
  • There are two requests which are more likely to get up before ours - they relate to an old people's home in Marsfield and a disabled school in East Ryde. We are effectively third in the queue.
  • The council only budget for one new shelter per year. The cost is around $15k plus $3k annual running expenses.
  • All requests will be put in front of council early April and we should get an official response shortly thereafter.
  • Council rules preclude an advertising shelter due to this being an 'enviromentally sensitive' area.
  • The site is adequate for what they call a mini-shelter.
  • Realistically, it will probably be a couple of years - and that assumes that some more worthy request doesn't appear in the meantime.

Nick will pass on any further information he receives from the council.

Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter