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Gas in the area - not feasible - project discontinued

Mid 2010 - The decision has been taken not to pursue mains gas connection in Frog Hollow.

The key reasons for shelving the project are that initial costs indicate it will be too expensive for individual residents. A single payment was required for the mains extension work and in order to get a firm quote on actual costs, we need 70% of the street to agree to consider gas. From our initial poll of residents we are not going to reach this %.

Thanks to Michael and Torben for undertaking the feasibility study.

The information below is kept on this web page just to provide some background on this project.

It's a Gas

The committee have worked on this long-term and difficult project regularly over the years, and continue to do so.

We also have a list of residents (or residences) that have previously expressed interest in gas connections.

Previous updates are included below.

Pam Gilbert has been following up on the process to get the gas mains extended to our streets. In response to her question, AGL described the following process:

  1. We collate house numbers in each street of residents who are interested in gas and send to AGL.
  2. AGL puts in a request to Agility (the owners of the Network meters & Mains).
  3. Agility sends out an officer to scope the project for mains extension.
  4. Agility sends the quote to AGL. This quote is for the cost of the mains extension. Info gleaned suggests that Agility bear a portion of mains extension cost and we, the residents must pay the rest.
  5. AGL sends the quote to our nominated contact. It is then up to us to agree as to how much each resident will pay towards the cost of mains extension and to collect the money from them.
  6. We send AGL one payment for mains extension work.
  7. Agility then lays the mains extension.
  8. Once complete, each resident must call AGL individually to get a meter connection. That will be minimum $595 per household. How much above that depends on site condition. For example, rockery, pavers, high traffic pathways, distance from street etc. For anyone with no LPG right now and needing pipes to their house, they would need to get their own plumber to install pipes etc from meter to their house and appliances.

There are a number of open issues and challenges:

  • We have no idea what the quote will be for the mains extension.
  • We are unclear on our share of the cost.
  • Current or future residents who don't participate now in the mains extension get a free ride on those that do.

Next steps

  • Find the number of residents currently on bottled gas.
  • Find the number of residents interested in participating.
  • Send these numbers to AGL and ask for a quote.

If you have any comments or questions, or wish to register your interest, please send a message to the committee.

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