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Since 2008 the committee has been in touch with Ryde council to discuss the provision of a footpath along Delhi Road, from River Ave to the new train station. Another alternative for the footpath to pass through the crematorium grounds.

In 2008 a Ryde council staff member stated that:

  • The idea has been discussed in internal meetings recently
  • The traffic specialists acknowledged the logic of this request
  • The general conclusion in the meeting was that the idea "made sense"
  • The suggestion is now on the council agenda
  • The council is in the process of refining their current Park Corridor Development Plan, and are working on funding for works

The committee also contacted the Ryde Mayor Vic Tagg who expressed strong support for footpaths as part of his campaign platform.

In Late 2015 there existed 4 year plan with Footpath info on page 59 (section 11.4) under East Ward. Unfortunately it showed no planned activity in our area at all, though contingencies are mentioned.

Ongoing and independant lobbying by residents is encouraged.

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