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Car Share

Updated: Despite Tony's hard work, it appears that none of the companies listed below are interested in placing a car in our area at this time, due to the low number of residents.

This effort is suspended indefinitely.

Tony Dorn has done the work and research into this rapidly evoloving business model. This can be very convenient and cost effective for those residents who would like occasional access to a car (or second car) but can't justify buying one.

The concept is that a car is left parked in a fixed location in the neighbourhood. Residents who have joined the program can reserve the car and pick it up using a special key or card. If the petrol goes below a specified level, the driver must refuel before returning the car to the pickup location.

Tony has found three companies operating in Sydney and has approached them all about the possibility of locating one or more cars in Frog Hollow:

  • GoGet — already have three cars in Chatswood. They decide on car locations based on expressions of interest through their web site.
  • Flexicar — very few locations so far. Would require a minimum number of users and committed monthly usage.
  • Charter Drive — list Chatswood as a "coming soon" location. Initial response was very enthusiastic and they are planning to visit the area and contact Ryde council.

The three companies all have different pricing and conditions. If you are interested, it is best to check the pricing on the individual web sites and register your interest. If you do, we would appreciate if you also let us know so that we know the level of local interest. This will help us in our discussions or negotiations with the various companies.

GoGet Share Car
Christopher the Yaris
Authorised Only