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On The Buses


  • Sydney Buses provide buses to our area and general infomation is available here:
  • - Bus 256 comes down River Ave as far as Fairyland Ave. (NB Only some services each day, not all runs)
  • - Buses 545/550 stop on Delhi Road at the end of River Ave next to the bridge.

    In early December 2008, residents received a flyer from Sydney Buses detailing proposed network changes including changes to the bus routes in the North Western Suburbs.

    While there were no changes listed for either route 256 or route 545/550, many local people were concerned because the OLD VERSION of the map did not show route 256 at all.

    Some persistent calling by President Pam has resulted in an assurance from Sydney Buses that this was simply an accident / typo on their map. Route 256 will continue to run, unchanged.

    Thanks to Pam for following up on this.

Proposed bus map