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Crematorium Development

2011 - New Condolence Centre is operating

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Latest Updates - 19 May 2009 - DA Approved

Report from Nick Giles.

This evening a full council meeting considered the DA for the Crematorium Condolence Centre and the residents objections. The council unanimously supported the DA.

The meeting was addressed by 3 residents and by Invocare. Council considered the objections made in particular about visual impact, noise and bushfire, and their assessment (reflecting their planning departmentís recommendation) was to approve. Some conditions were applied with regard to noise:

  1. Hours of operation: Mon-Fri, 8am to 7pm; Sat & Sun, 10am to 5pm
  2. Standard controls on noise in relation to building works and operational levels (i.e. not more than 5dB above ambient noise level in operation)

In general, I think the fact that they had 20 objections to the first DA, but only 5 objections for the revised plans presented a view that the residentís issues had been largely addressed and consequently the residual matters were not sufficiently material.

I think overall we can be grateful that Invocare revised their original plans substantially to diminish the visual impact and the bush fire risk. Of course the proof will be in the actual building.

Thanks to all, and particularly Pam, for the work and support shown during this process.

In addition to Nick's thanks above, we must thank Nick himself for his leadership and persistence in coordinating our response to this DA. We would not have achieved these results without his hard work!

24 April 2009

Note: Written submissions about the revised proposal need to be made to council by 30 April 2009. If you were planning to make a submission but have not yet done so, you should deliver your written submission to the council directly.

If you have not seen the revised proposal, the documents are attached below.

Nick's list of concerns with the revised proposal includes:

  • Whilst some revision has been made to mitigate residentsí original concerns many of those original issues remain in some form. The council documents include a copy of the architectís responses to our original issues, many of which use open ended language such as ďAt this stage we do not envisage...Ē
  • The building will clearly be visible from Quebec Road; it may also be visible elsewhere once bush clearing takes place, which the development will permit up to the Crematoriumís boundaries.
  • Aside from the visual intrusion there remains the risk of noise pollution from a centre that is designed to cater for upwards of 300 people.
  • There may also be visual impact at night from lighting.
  • An approval for the development will be negative for the community. A rejection of the development will have little negative impact on the Crematorium/Invocare as they already have an approval for their previous version of this facility which was closer to Delhi Road.

Please email Nick if you have any further questions about making a submission.

Pam Gilbert has also provided this copy of the Visual Impact Analysis submitted to council by the Crematoriumís architects. This implies the visual impact will be minimal on Frog Hollow. Itís worth noting that these pictures are obviously taken now BEFORE they cut down the undergrowth Ė a point for any letter to council perhaps?

8 April 2009

Letter from Ryde Council with ammended proposal and plans.

22 March 2009

Letter from Ryde Council providing the architectís response to a range of queries about the proposed development. Whilst you can make up your own minds it is noteworthy that most answers are not definitive.

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