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Fire - 6 Feb 2009 FH (24 images)

A bushfire in the Lane Cove National Park, just across the river from our area. Luckily for us the wind was blowing away from us, but the CFU was out to keep an eye on things. Fingers crossed that's all the action we see with hot weather forecast this weekend.

view_from_verandah.jpg img_1213.jpg await_instructions.jpg img_1225.jpg img_1246.jpg img_1249.jpg img_1256.jpg img_1271.jpg img_1272.jpg img_1276.jpg img_1277.jpg img_1279.jpg img_1286.jpg img_1289.jpg img_1298.jpg img_1302.jpg img_1303.jpg img_1304.jpg img_1305.jpg img_1306.jpg img_1307.jpg img_1308.jpg img_1309.jpg img_1352.jpg